Cecilia Hillström Gallery


Cecilia Hillström Gallery was founded in 2012 in the gallery district at Hudiksvallsgatan in Stockholm.

The gallery represents both well-established and emerging artists, who have been represented by the gallery throughout their careers. Having recently relocated to a larger space, Cecilia Hillström Gallery now presents parallel exhibitions at the gallery.

Gallery artists work in a variety of media; painting, photography, sculpture, video or interdisciplinary projects. A focus on the artistic process, strong contextual ambitions and inherent materiality are key components of the artists’ practice.

Johan Bergström Hyldahl

Cecilia Hillström Gallery presents a new body of work by Johan Bergström Hyldahl for Market Art Fair 2020, consisting of digital animated sculptures (LED holograms) and three-dimensional backlit animated pictures. Johan Bergström Hyldahl’s works often depart from the logic of film, a tale-like narration, where slow-paced poetic introspection collides with the playful and humorous. Bergström Hyldahl has worked primarily with large-scale film projects where narration is a strong driving force, as well as with sculptural and painterly projects where characters and sceneries refer to similar tale-like stories. Recurring themes is the juxtaposition between the romantic and contemporary ideas of adventure, exploration or scientific missions, against a dark humorous backdrop of the futility and folly of our endeavours. Bergström Hyldahl’s works also play with the balance between immersion and repellence in the suspension of disbelief. We are immersed - drawn into narratives through the minutiae of the works but simultaneously clearly made aware of the artefact and the form of the works, like watching a drama from behind the curtains of a theatre set.


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