Berg Gallery


Berg Gallery was founded in 2014 and is owned and managed by Niclas Berg.

The gallery is located on Hälsingegatan in the Stockholm Gallery District since 2019. Berg Gallery specialises in cross-aesthetic methods and the aim is to push the lines between art, crafts and design, abstraction, concept and function, handiwork and materials.

Andreas Glad

Andreas Glad's works are constantly approaching an impending and inevitable downfall. Man has vanished to leave room for empty streets, shadows and trees. Glad’s artistic expression is realistic and depicts places left to fate - places that once were thoroughly planned, well attended and taken care of. However, besides the greenery, you see nothing left alive. Buildings appear as memorials in the deserted landscapes, where time has stopped. Was this caused by war, disasters, climate change or pollution; are we watching the downfall of humanity?

Glad’s work is ambiguous as he embraces and violates realistic painting. He gives the viewer true-to-life images of everyday life and the world surrounding us. But something is chafing in his paintings, creating both a sense of belonging and a sense of alienation. His work process - to build models, illuminate and paint - reinforces the surfaces of the buildings, the emptiness of the streets and the mercilessness of the sun and highlights the move from a horizon to a futuristic drone-perspective on the landscape.

Andreas Glad was born in 1976 in Linköping, Sweden. In 2007 he graduated with a Master’s degree at the University of Art & Design in Bergen, Norway. He now lives and works in Malmö.

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'Diamonds are forever II', 2020, 100 x 160 cm. Image credits Berg Gallery and Andreas Glad.