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Claes Nordenhake opened his first gallery in Malmö in 1976

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Today, Galerie Nordenhake maintains spaces in Berlin, Stockholm and Mexico City, and represents over forty artists with an international focus

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Ann Böttcher SE

Ann Böttcher


Scientifically and methodically, Ann Böttcher examines the visual world of nature from a variety of perspectives. For example, she examines the fir tree as a symbol of the formation of territorial claims or national identities – everything from extreme nationalism to the image of obstinacy and heavy-mindedness.

Her delicate and understated pencil drawings are meticulously executed
and refer to a nature-romantic aesthetic and botanical visual world. Böttcher shows how facts, myths, memories and values create an ambiguous picture of what we consider nature to stand for. How man consciously or unconsciously constructs his own environment when
it is allowed to represent our ideas and desires and that this image is constantly changing.

Ann Böttcher, Portrait of the artist. Photo Helene Toresdotter

Ann Böttcher, detail of 'Untitled', (2023). Pencil on paper, 38 x 56 cm (unframed). Photo Ann Böttcher

Cecilia Edefalk


One of Sweden’s most celebrated artists, Cecilia Edefalk’s intuitive and deeply personal practice often draws from things that she encounters in her everyday life — whether a field of dandelions, a novel, or memories of visiting a church in Italy. Edefalk views repetition to express different ideas. She isolates transitory moments of perception, multiplying and dividing the forms that emerge from them, to create visionary meditations on nature, the mutability of time, and natural cycles of growth and decay.

Her choice of subjects is often based on an intuition, refined to carry out serial investigations of a single motif and experiment with duplication, scale and installation.

Cecilia Edefalk, 'Birch', (2023). Bronze. Photo Carl Henrik Tillberg

Cecilia Edefalk, 'Birch', (2023). Bronze. Photo Carl Henrik Tillberg

Cecilia Edefalk, Portrait of the artist. Photo Carl Henrik Tillberg

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