Dorothée Nilsson Gallery


Dorothée Nilsson Gallery represents an international portfolio with a focus on the new generation of photography-based artists.

The gallery represents artists who use photography as a starting point for conceptual and interdisciplinary practices that span performance, sculpture, video and installation. Dorothée Nilsson Gallery produces five to six exhibitions a year.

Inka & Niclas

Inka and Niclas are an artist duo, working together since 2007. The duo focusses on photography-based art. Their work revolves around the present day depiction, circulation and consumption of natural spaces and sceneries. Inka & Niclas' photographs mark a turn in the idealisation of nature. Fluorescent landscapes question the idea of nature photography. Exaggerations and displacements of fetishised motives like sunsets or palmtrees address the spectators' experience and remind them on the cultural dimension of supposedly natural sights. The duo creates hyperrealistic syntheses of beauty, kitsch and visual desire. Their
photographs witness performative acts.

Inka Lindergård was born 1985 in Finland and Niclas Holmström was born 1984 in Sweden. They live and work together in Stockholm, Sweden since 2007.


"Luminous Mattter", 2019. Image credits Dorothée Nilsson Gallery and Inka & Niclas Lindergård.

Julia Peirone

Julia Peirone's visual world is chiefly populated by girls or young women. Her series mirror aspects of vulnerability, shame and sexuality in a time that is heavily influenced by social media and their affects on the creation of identities. The artist is looking for the gap between reality and construction. Peirone's oeuvre poses questions about the strengths and limitations of the photographic image and the way we encounter ourselves in them. The modern day visual culture favours self-glorification and an obsession with abstract ideals of beauty. In her photography, she focuses on these notions to explore young, mostly female teenagers searching for their identity.

Julia Peirone was born in 1973. She lives and works in Stockholm.


"Cora Sun-Drop", 2017. Image credits Dorothée Nilsson Gallery and Julia Peirone.