VI, VII is a contemporary art gallery with an international focus, located along the fjord in central Oslo.

Founded in 2012 by New Yorker, Esperanza Rosales, the gallery represents emerging to mid-career artists such as Eloise Hawser, Eva LeWitt, Bjarne Melgaard, Jorunn Hancke Øgstad and Landon Metz.
The gallery participates in such prestigious fairs as Frieze London, Frieze New York, Independent, LISTE and June, Basel, as well as FIAC, Paris.

Bjarne Melgaard

Bjarne Melgaard is one of Norway's most high profile and internationally recognized living artists. Often in the form of marginal and subcultural phenomena, Melgaard’s prolific work raises provocative and critical questions dealing with the dark side of humanity, for example, self-destruction, deviant sexuality and odd religious beliefs, pushing the limits of social acceptance and forges a space where subcultures and parallel worlds can coexist.

His works for Market will explore his own presence on the Dark Web. The artist is researching how often and where his own name appears on this underbelly of the internet, an area of the World Wide Web which remains hidden to most, requiring specific software, configurations, or authorization to access.


Image credits Bjarne Melgaard and VI, VII.