V1 Gallery


V1 Gallery was established in 2002 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The gallery represents a select group of established and emerging artists and is committed to introducing and promoting art, in all media, to an international audience. Seeing art as a profound and competent media for social and political discourse, the gallery aspires to serve as a platform for contemporary art that interacts with its surrounding society.

Rose Eken

Rose Eken, born 1976, lives and works in Copenhagen. Eken’s artistic practice extends into a variety of media; ceramic sculpture, embroidery, miniature, drawing, video and large installations. The objects and sculptures demonstrate a combination of meticulous craftsmanship and a more intuitive loose do-it-yourself style. Ekenʼs organic ceramics appear concrete and recognisable often created in the exact dimensions as those objects they represent and yet once burned a displacement of form occurs. They place themselves between a collective memory and a private memory. And it’s rather this memory, than the concrete object itself that is the focal point. The staging of the works, often in larger tableaux, evoke an associative memory like the Madeleine cake did for Marcel Proust. Not just as thought, but as something corporal and sensuous.

Recent exhibitions include Afterbeat, Horsens Art Museum, Denmark, Resistance, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, and In Recidence Museum of Modern Art, Tuscon, USA.


"Gents Room", 2016, paper clay, sizes variable. Image credits V1 Gallery and Rose Eken.

Emma Kohlmann

Emma Kohlmann, born 1989, lives and works in Amherst, Western Massachusetts, USA. She graduated from Hampshire College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2011, where she composed her own major in aesthetics, feminist theory and drawing. Kohlmann works from intuition in one instant motion. Never revisits or retouches a work. She works with an idea on various materials until she is content with the results. If she is not content – she will start over – except this time the tenseness of the canvas, ceramic, cloth or paper won’t hold her. Kohlmann’s work can be viewed as a collection of lost and found ideas, objects and images. Retrieving them from wherever they live in the depths of her mind. Subconsciously and consciously, she creates patterns of symbols, shapes and figures, which then become part of an unspoken narrative. A lineage from primordial times, through ancient cultures and into the present. Kohlmann guides the connection between the unspoken with form.

Kohlmann publishes her own artists’ books and other ephemera such as records, zines and textiles. She has exhibited extensively in the past years, including V1 Gallery, the Portland Museum of Art, USA, MOCA, Tucson, USA, Jack Hanley, New York, USA and Tennis Elbow/The Journal, New York, USA.


"Untitled", 2020, sumi ink on paper, 14 x 11 inches. Image credits V1 Gallery and Emma Kohlmann.

Danielle Orchard

Danielle Orchard, born 1985, lives and works in Brooklyn, USA. She holds an MFA in painting from Hunter College (2013), New York, USA. Orchard’s works are a poetic blend of the mundane and the mysterious. They encompass our everyday drama, the tectonic shifts in existence we encounter, uninvited and unwarranted. The tableaus are about body and being and we recognize ourselves in Orchard’s women, gender notwithstanding.

Recent solo exhibitions include 3PM, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, A Little Louder, Love (2018) at Jack Hanley, New York, USA and Tennis Elbow (2017) at Journal Gallery, Brooklyn, USA.


"Beach Couple", 2019, oil on canvas, 55 x 42 inches. Image credits V1 Gallery and Danielle Orchard.