STANDARD (OSLO) was established in April 2005. Based in Oslo, the gallery aims at promoting contemporary Scandinavian artists in the international field, as well as introducing international artists to the Scandinavian audience.

At Market Art Fair, STANDARD (OSLO) will make a two-artists presentation of new works by Torbjørn Rødland and Anna Zacharoff. Being based in Los Angeles and Brussels, they are at some distance both geographically and generationally but united by an interest in isolating and zooming in on tableaus, leaving a few leads but a whole lot of room for isolation.

Torbjørn Rødland

Having pictorial elements stand out, the photographs of Torbjørn Rødland tend to force the people inhabiting them out of their comfort zone, as well as forcing objects that do not belong together into an awkward meeting; colourful butterflies on top of rotting bananas, ear rings dipped in melted chocolate, hair left on top of cut open oranges. As stated with his recent exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall, showing at Bonniers Konsthall in Stockholm this spring: “The pictures resist a quick reading, and hold the viewer fast in a visual search which gradually uncovers new layers of both distaste and and delight.”

Butterflies | 2007 | Chromogenic print on Fuji Crystal archive paper

Anna Zacharoff

Anna Zacharoff’s paintings have concerned themselves with marine lives and the landscape that exists underwater: frequently returning to sea snails, oysters and fish rendered in thin, bare but boldly coloured oil paintings. Adding to her paintings will be a group of sculptures where broken terracotta pots have been repaired using a Japanese technique of mixing gold leaf with the sealer, highlighting rather than hiding the cracks.
Bye love, I see you later this evening 2 | 2017 | Clay pots and gold leaf

Bye love, I see you later this evening 2 | 2017 | Clay pots and gold leaf

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