Larsen Warner


Christian Larsen founded his first gallery in 1996 in Stockholm. In September 2019 the gallery relocated to Östermalm in central Stockholm.

This coincided with owner Christian Larsen and director Darren Warner choosing the opening of Sturegatan 28 to foster a closer collaboration, with the gallery name changing to Larsen Warner.

Joakim Ojanen + artists

Reflecting the galleries programme of presenting both International and Scandinavian artists, Larsen Warner will present a booth curated by Joakim Ojanen (b. 1985, Sweden). Ojanen will be exploring nature and the natural world through the work of approximately 11 Scandinavian and International artists. Nature in the 21st century is radically re-imagined by the artists selected by Ojanen. Flora and fauna are transfused with cartoonish iridescence; landscapes fragment; biomorphic forms erupt and mutate. Each work featured balances an immersion in materiality, texture and the pleasure of making. The centre point of the booth will be a custom-built table(s) created by Ojanen in his unique visual language. Each visitor will experience Ojanen's unique artistic outlook and give them an opportunity to walk into a unique world orchestrated by Ojanen.

The featured artists include Shoplifter/Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir (b. 1969, Iceland); Tova Berglund (b. 1986, Sweden); Paa Joe (b. 1947, Ghana); Ryan Mosley (b.1980, UK); Narumi Nekpenekpen (b.1988, Japan/USA); Joakim Ojanen (b.1985, Sweden); Jennifer Rochlin (B. 1968, USA); Edit Sihlberg (b. 1989, Sweden); Michael Swaney (b. 1978, Canada); Michael Swaney (b. 1978, Canada);Ross Taylor (b.1982, UK) .


Joakim Ojanen, installation view. Image credits Larsen Warner.