Lagune Ouest


About the gallery

Founded in 2021, Lagune Ouestaims to create new exhibition and career opportunities, primarily for local artists.

The gallery has an emphasis on curated exhibitions and aims to amplify and establish the voices of a new generation of artists.

Featured artists

Moa Alskog (SE)

Emilie Bausager(UK/DK)


Moa Alskog

Moa Alskog’s practice unfolds around the human relation to nature and how it has been formed historically. Through painterly studies and a focus on the detail, the artist approaches bigger questions such as: what the human alienation to nature means for basic societal functions like our food production? What lives has a right to live? And do we only see what we know? The motifs - e.g. cabbage and its pest - often have a biographical connection and meaning. The fact that she grew up at an organic vegetal farm in the north of Sweden and still works there during the Summer season growing meadow flowers gives her a hands-on knowledge that goes beyond the mere representation of nature. She works in the expanded field of painting experimenting both with paint and surfaces. Painting on everything from Dibond, veggie-nets to debris. Moa Alskog (SE, 1985) holds a MFA from The Danish Art Academy of Fine Arts (2016). Recent and upcoming exhibitions include: Lagune Ouest (Copenhagen), Nikolaj Kunsthal (Copenhagen), Loggia (Munich), AGA (Copenhagen), Havebiennalen (Copenhagen), and Elisabeth Arts Foundation (New York).

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Portrait of Moa Alskog. Photo credit: Rebecca Krasnik.

Moa Alskog, 'Pieris Brassicae (live is life)', (2022). Oil on dibond. 74 x 68 cm. Photo credit: Malle Madsen.

Moa Alskog, 'Pieris Brassicae (Life is Life)', (2022). Oil on dibond. 74 x 68 cm. Photo credit: Malle Madsen.


Emilie Bausager

Emilie Bausager’s practice deals with the fluidity of history, and the impossibility of adequate representation. The narrative in-between reality and fiction is a main focus of her work. Much of the historical documentation of our landscapes history refers heavily on communal storytelling. By looking at old stories relating to our surroundings and combining them with contemporary information, Bausager creates summarised collages of specific settings that are relevant to her heritage in Britain and Denmark. By employing anachronism as a reoccurring artifice in her work she creates a tension between curiosity, insight, gravity and humour. Often rooted within landscape, constructed or not, Bausager’s output takes its shape as installation comprised of elements such as stained glass, textiles, objets trouvé, text, and prints. Emilie Bausager (UK/DK, 1992) holds a MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2019). Recent and upcoming exhibitions include: Den Frie (Copenhagen), SOL (Nexø), SKAL Contemporary (Skagen), OK Corral (Copenhagen), NADA (New York), Loggia (Munich), Kristen Lorello (New York), and Lagune Ouest (Copenhagen).

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Emilie Bausager, 'Potato', (2023). Denim, rhinestones, silk screen, laser engraving, bleaching. 150 x 220 cm. Photo credit: the artist & Lagune Ouest.

Emilie Bausager, 'Honey, I’m home', (2020). Glass, patinated tin. 140 x 11,5 x 10 cm. Photo credit: the artist & Lagune Ouest.

Portrait of Emilie Bausager. Photo credit: Sarah Højlund.