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Knight Webb Gallery is an art space in Battersea, London, representing contemporary artists.

Knight Webb Gallery is an art space in Battersea, London, representing contemporary artists. The gallery opened in Brixton in 2012 and relocated to Battersea in 2018.

Anders Knutsson

Anders Knutsson is a consistent monochrome painter. Knutsson was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden where he studied art and engineering. In 1967 he moved to the United States, becoming a naturalised American citizen in 1976. Knutsson began experimenting with waxes, varnishes and oils in various combinations in the late 1960s. Creating a paste by grinding dry pigments into his paint. This gave him complete control of the materials including the viscosity and transparency of the paint allowing him to manipulate these variables independently of each other. The final step is the grinding of the colour pigment into the paint medium by hand on the palette.

By reducing his paintings to pure colour, Anders is inviting the viewer to explore the medium of paint away from any social or art historical context. His talent lies in his ability to apply the thinnest and most transparent layers. His recent paintings are revisiting the monochrome style of his 1970’s and 1980’s work, although with a fresh perspective. 

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Portrait of Anders Knutson. Image credits Rufus Knight Gallery and Anders Knutsson.

Knutsson’s concept behind his collaboration with weaver Hanna Isaksson is to remove ‘Material Anonymity’ from his creative process, making all materials an acknowledged constituent of the finished painting. The project opened up an opportunity to alter the nature of the painters supporting surface from inside.

Anders Knutsson asked Hanna Isaksson, a highly accomplished Swedish weaver, “how did she feel about her work being used as a painting surface?” Knutsson’s purpose was first to see how the weave’s surface, structure and colours interacted with the paint, and then to explore further the textures of the fabric. The collaboration proved successful and led to a new branch of textured monochrome paintings. The collaborators have been experimenting with variations and reinterpretations of well-known traditional Nordic weaving styles. The material’s ‘essence’ and the weaver’s “hand” coincide with Knutsson’s long-standing interest in making paint. As the paintings "architect", he sees a creative advantage to have more control of the structure and design. A painting may be traditionally considered handmade, but for Knutsson, the concept of “handmade” is more to bring energy, value and a deeper understanding of the material elements. The painting is a meditation on light, colour and surface.