Helsinki Contemporary


Helsinki Contemporary has a strong curatorial focus, presenting established and younger Finnish, as well as international artists.

All various media are shown, including new media and site-specific projects, however the programme has a strong focus on painting. Artists who take an ambitious, in-depth approach to their artistic practice are at the centre of the gallery’s programme.

Anna Retulainen

Anna Retulainen’s new work has its starting point in encounters with people in their homes: their living rooms, studies or hallways. Afterwards the artist paints the space from memory. The expressive works can be seen as still lives, recollections of places that the artist has spent time in. The new works displayed at Market Art Fair are so called ‘spell-checks’ of the first paintings of the encounters Retulainen made. In these the artist revisits in her mind the spaces she visited and painted and tries to make sense of her recollection of colours, shapes and atmospheres.


"VI", 2020, 57 x 154 cm, oil on canvas. Image by Jussi Tiainen, credits Helsinki Contemporary and Anna Retulainen.

Roland Persson

Roland Persson’s quirky, and at the same time sensitive silicone sculptures will also have a take on the still life tradition. Working with found objects is typical for Persson, the subject for a sculpture can be anything from freshly cut flowers, a cactus, an old table, a book or a taxidermy elephant. Just as Retulainen, Persson draws upon the tradition of the still life but transforming it into something new and original. For Market Art Fair Persson will produce new works, working partly in dialogue with Retulainen’s paintings.


Portrait of Roland Persson. Image credits Frida Lenholm.