Hans Alf Gallery


Hans Alf Gallery was founded in 2006 and started out in the meatpacking district of Copenhagen before moving to the more established art district in the city center in 2012.

The aim of the gallery is two-fold: Hans Alf Gallery wish to present International art of the highest caliber to a Danish audience while simultaneously promoting Danish art internationally. The latter concern is reflected in our efforts to participate in International fairs and connect with collectors from the global community; the former is reflected in the physical qualities of the gallery – a 4.000+ sqf space in the heart of central Copenhagen, which provides optimal conditions for both the art to unfold and for the spectator to observe.

Armin Boehm

Armin Boehm (b. 1972, Aachen) lives and works in Berlin. Born and raised in West Germany, Boehm enrolled at the academy in Münster in 1995 and later graduated from Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 2001, where he was a Meisterschüler of both Konrad Klapheck and Jörg Immendorff.

As a painter, Boehm has a unique style and touch that make his images instantly identifiable. Boehm almost always incorporates paper and textile patches in his works as a tangible reminder of the many layers of meaning in any image. As Boehm himself puts it, he “likes to paint with a pair of scissors”. This technique serves to emphasize the constructed nature of the painting, and because of the unusual texture of the canvas, strangely recognizable but still not entirely familiar, the viewer is forced to reexamine the work and second-guess her first impression. It is a way of provoking the eye and impeding automatic cognitive reactions.

Boehm is represented by several renowned international galleries including Meyer-Riegger (Berlin & Karlsruhe), Peter Kilchmann (Zürich), Francesca Minini (Milano) & Susanne Vielmetter (Los Angeles). Furthermore, Boehm’s works are included in a number of notable collections, for instance the American Hort Family Collection, which holds more than a dozen of Boehm’s paintings

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'Egalité', 2019, oil on fabrics on canvas, 50 x 50 cm. Image credits Hans Alf Gallery and Armin Boehm

Portrait of Armin Boehm. Image credits Hans Alf Gallery and Armin Boehm

'Die unsichtbare Schicht', 2015, oil, fabrics and paper on canvas, 130 x 150 cm. Image credits Hans Alf Gallery and Armin Boehm

Fredrik Raddum

Fredrik Raddum (b. 1973) is a Norwegian artist, who studied at The National Academy of Fine Art Oslo from 1997-2001. He works with sculpture, installation, photo, and performance and has exhibited at widely since 1999.

Raddum's work is best described as tongue-in-cheek, humorous, and thought provoking. His works often feature animals, people, and elements culled from the Norwegian countryside and popular culture. Crafted from shiny, smooth materials, the works may appear at first glance to be Pop art phantasms, but closer inspection reveals the motifs’ embedded seriousness with a sharp, socially indignant, and satirical bite.

Fredrik Raddum's use of materials and formal language is entirely unique: With his seemingly innocuous works he addresses existentialist and political themes with a vibrant sense of humor and a keen eye for the absurd. Raddum popularizes serious themes and embodies them in tragicomic animal and human figures that adapt a cartoon-like expression. Clichés and icons are twisted into new settings and drop subtle hints encouraging one to think beyond the initial encounter.


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Portrait of Fredrik Raddum. Image credits Hans Alf Gallery and Fredrik Raddum.

'Veiled Animal Alfa', 2020. Image credits Hans Alf Gallery and Fredrik Raddum.