Galleri Golsa was established in 2015 by Tuva Trondsdatter Trønsdal and Gard Eiklid. The gallery is located in Oslo.

The program is influenced by the young directors' vision to introduce emerging contemporary art into the Norwegian consciousness. With this in mind, the gallery does not only aim to present international artists to a Norwegian audience, but also to support and promote Norwegian artists internationally. Importantly, the gallery wants to educate, be present and welcome a broader audience to experience art.

Mehdi Ghadyanloo

Mehdi Ghadyanloo is an Iranian artist known for his utopian paintings that interrogate universal human precepts such as fear, hope and loss. Through the portrayal of minimal heterotopic environments, surreal architectural arrangements, and the repeated use of symbolic elements suchs as stairs, balloons and airplanes, Ghadyanloo invites us to consider new realities and the shared universality of our existence. Ghadyanloo worked as a farmer i Karaj, before moving to Tehran to study Painting at the University of Tehran. After graduating in 204, Ghadyanloo answered an open call from the Municipality of Tehran's Beautification Bureau to promote public art in the city. Between 2004 and 2011, he painted over 100 gigantic murals throughout Iran's capital, to elevate the visual quality of life in Tehran to bring hope and color to the Grey, depressed city of Tehran.

Mehdi Ghadyanloo (b. 1980 in Teheran, Iran) studied at Tehran University's College of Fine Arts and graduated with a BA in 2005. Subsequently, he earned an MA in film from Tehran's Teachers College (Taribyat-e Modarres). In 2016 he became the first Iranian artist to be comissioned in the Rose Kennedy Greenway project in Boston, US. Recent exhibitions hast taken place at Almine rech brussels (2021) Almine Rech Paris (2020), Galleri Golsa (2019) and a commission to create a compelling 186 sq. m triptych called 'Finding Hope' for 2019's Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.


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Portrait of Mehdi Ghadyanloo. Image credits Julianne Leikanger, Golsa and Mehdi Ghadyanloo.

'Untitled II', 2019. Image credits Golsa and Mehdi Ghadyanloo.

'Untitled', 2020. Image credits Golsa and Mehdi Ghadyanloo

Johanne Hestvold

Johanne Hestvold is a Norwegian artist based in Oslo, Norway. Through her artistic practice Hestvold explores and challenges ways of reading forms and objects that surround us in everyday life. Her current sculptures are based on objects that people have an intimate and habitual relationship with. These can be various kinds of consumer goods and mass-produced objects such as clothes, plastic containers, massage beds and car parts. Through conceptual approaches and material processes these pre-sculptural forms are reworked into new forms that unsettle certainty and question the relationship between humans and the object that surround us.  

Hestvold holds an MA from Malmö Art Academy, and a BA from Bergen Academy of Art and Design. She studied sculpture through the sculpture department at Kuvataideakademia Helsinki, Finland, and have an education background in Literature studies at the Universty in Bergen, Norway. Recent exhibitions at The Astrup Fearnley Museum (2019), Museet/The Museum/المتحف, Malmö Konstmuseum (2017),Astrup Fearnley Museum (2016), Norwegian Sculpture Biennial, The Vigeland Museum, Oslo (2015) and Stavanger Art Museum (2016).


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Portrait Johanne Hestvold. Image credits Gaute Tenold, Golsa and Johanne Hestvold.

'Isolation (The Humble Administrator's Garden)', 2021. Image credits Golsa and Johanne Hestvold.

Johanne Hestvold in studio. Image credits Dalia Karg, Golsa and Johanne Hestvold.

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