About the gallery

Galleri Golsa was established in 2015 by Tuva Trondsdatter Trønsdal and Gard Eiklid. The gallery is located in Oslo.

The program is influenced by the young directors' vision to introduce emerging contemporary art into the Norwegian consciousness. With this in mind, the gallery does not only aim to present international artists to a Norwegian audience, but also to support and promote Norwegian artists internationally. Importantly, the gallery wants to educate, be present and welcome a broader audience to experience art.

Featured artists

Audar Kantun (NO)

Henrik Ødegaard (NO)


Audar Kantun

Nestled between satirical cartoons and new national romanticism, you find the works of Norwegian artist Audar Kantun (b.1986). The exploration of the narrative takes center-stage in Kantun’s work. Through large scale paintings and ceramic sculptures, he creates a singular universe of peasants, fishermen, and the drunken clientele at his regular bar. Working within a figurative idiom where distinct colors and shapes fill the canvas, his images are cheerful and absurd, with a dark sense of humor.

Kantun has an MA from the Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, having previously obtained a BA in Photography from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design. His works have been exhibited at Blomqvist (NO) Destiny’s Atelier (NO), and Kraft (NO). Audar Magnus Kantun (b. 1985) lives and works in Oslo, Norway


Henrik Ødegaard

Henrik Ødegaard (b. 1982) lives and works in Oslo.

Alongside his architecture practice, Ødegaard designs and produces furniture. Furniture and smaller objects have become an extension and mix of drawing and construction, making it possible to experiment and explore ideas intuitively. Ødegaard likes to vary between different methods and materials. Based on drawing, he works freely and brightly with furniture.