Gerhardsen Gerner is a gallery for contemporary art located on Tjuvholmen in Oslo.

The gallery is operated by gallery owners Atle Gerhardsen en Nicolai Gerner-Mathisen.

Julian Opie

Julian Opie is one of Britain’s most influential living artists. Since graduating art school in the early 1980s and bursting onto a pre-Young British Artists art scene in London, Opie’s work has influenced the wider field of popular culture – instantly recognisable by his bold, pared back, signature style of depiction.


"Long Coat", 2019, acrylic paint on stone. Image credits Gerhardsen Gerner and Julian Opie.

Sigve Knutsson

Sigve Knutson is a 2016 graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven. His practice is motivated by a fascination for the intuitive and raw rather than the planned and plain. As a result Knutson’s work consists of a vide variety of materialities and displays a gradient of functionality. Knutson was born and grew up in Lillesand, Norway in 1991, and currently lives and works in Oslo.

The works on show at Market Art Fair will be from the Wood Clay series; an ongoing investigation of the material MDF. MDF is the material of choice for the cheap furniture producers, but is almost always cladded with a plastic film or with paint. Knutson works with the material in a different way and explores its clay- like qualities.


Image credits Gerhardsen Gerner and Sigve Knutson.