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About the gallery

Galleri Flach presents Swedish and international contemporary art with a comprehensive, continuous and multi-faceted exhibition programme.

Galleri Flach was founded in Stockholm in 1999 and has since then been focusing on a multi-faceted and diverse exhibition program with both emerging and well-established artists from the Nordic countries and internationally. The program includes solo- and thematic exhibitions within the wide field of expressions in contemporary art.

Featured artists

Matti Sumari (SE)

Julia Selin (SE)

About the presentation

Galleri Flach has the honor to show a joint presentation of the artists Julia Selin and Matti Sumari at Market Art Fair 2023.

The artist couple lives and works in Malmö, where they both also are active in the artist collective Alta Art Space. In both Julia Selin's painting and Matti Sumari's sculptures there is a presence of organic and physical processes that capture us in a different perspective on reality, as in a micro or macro cosmos. Perhaps they want to welcome us to look at the world not from the point of view of a human being, but of an insect, perhaps a snail? Together they will present their own artistic biotope full of cross-border associations.


Julia Selin

The works of Julia Selin, born 1986 in Trollhättan, are based on paintings and drawings in organic and expressive forms in both large and small formats. She describes them as "night paintings", referring to how seeing in the dark turns into a bodily, sensual, and emotional experience. In for instance brown-red, ice blue or green shimmering color scales, a vibrating image surface appears where the color seems to be in motion. The materiality of the color is a central theme in Julia Selin's painting method and is processed as much with hands and feet as with other tools where the bodily physical process has a clear presence in the paintings.


Matti Sumari

Matti Sumari, born in 1987 in Helsinki, works with sculptures and three-dimensional objects that are made from found items and trash in his surroundings such as beer cans, copper wire and plywood. The sculptures are refined from these residual products and reshaped into new, often plant-like objects. The core theme in his work is a mixture of different systems: nature's microorganisms and societal economic structures. Sumari's sculptures, video works and objects create new forms from existing matter, just as new species and bacteria arise in nature, which can now even feed on plastic.