Galleri Flach


Galleri Flach presents Swedish and international contemporary art with a comprehensive, continuous and multi-faceted exhibition programme.

The gallery highlights interesting and significant artists in the framework of both solo and group exhibitions. Galleri Flach represents a large range of young, emerging as well as established artists with exhibitions at museums, art institutions and galleries around the world.

Lisa D. Manner

Lisa D Manner's artistry fascinates through its precision, detailed and surrealistic language. Her works evolve into long series of images that depict environments and landscapes where nature and architecture are merging. The artist talks about her paintings as "collages" in which she compiles parts of the surroundings and fragments of memories into new sceneries. The paintings radiate an experience of freedom and destruction, a multifaceted landscape or urban space where many stories are hidden in layers. Cities are being built, grow and change. Lisa D Manner's paintings are juxtapositions of physical and mental images of what nature and the urban landscape include: lust, beauty and adventure, fragility and vulnerability.

Lisa D Manner was born in 1979 and lives and works in Lund, Sweden. Her first solo exhibitions took place at Galleri Magnus Åklundh in Malmö (2008) and Peter Bergman Gallery, Stockholm (2009). Since then she has participated in a number of solo- and group exhibitions in Sweden and internationally, most recently in a solo exhibition at the Trelleborg Museum, Sweden (2019).


"Screen", 2019, 40 x 30 cm. Image credits Galleri Flach and Lisa D. Manner.