Galerie Nordenhake

Stockholm/Berlin/Mexico City

About the gallery

Galerie Nordenhake was founded in 1976 in Malmö, Sweden.

Galerie Nordenhake presents contemporary art with an international focus. The gallery has exhibition spaces in Stockholm and Berlin. In 2018 the gallery opened up a new space in Mexico City.

Featured artists

Johan Thurfjell (SE)


Johan Thurfjell

Johan Thurfjell's work combines everyday observations with myths and mysticism with which he builds up his own distinctive poetic symbolism. Regardless of his choice of material or technique.

Thurfjell’s sculptures, paintings, video works and installations show a visible enjoyment and dexterity in his handcraft. The narrative that permeates Thurfjell's new works touches on the universal appeal of that we cannot see, that we cannot touch. The most existential musings, such as those about life and death, are manifested in different cultures and eras in various forms as myths, rituals and symbols.

These ruminations could be seen as an attempt to reach from our reality to a possible other, that which can be jointly described as the afterlife. Johan Thurfjell was born in 1970 in Solna. He currently lives and works in Tullgarn, Sweden

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Johan Thurfjell, 'Dusk', (2022). Image courtesy of Galerie Nordenhake and the artist.

Johan Thurfjell, 'Ascent', (2021). Image courtesy of Galerie Nordenhake and the artist.

Portrait of Johan Thurfjell. Image courtesy of Galerie Nordenhake and the artist.

Hudiksvallsgatan 8
113 30 Stockholm

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Lindenstr. 34
109 69 Berlin

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Monterrey 65, Roma Norte
06700, CDMX, Mexico

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