Galerie Forsblom


Galerie Forsblom brings international established artists to its exhibition spaces in Helsinki and Stockholm.

While the exhibition programmes consist of a wide range of medias within the visual arts, Galerie Forsblom is profiled as presenting contemporary painting as well as sculpture.

Susanne Gottberg

Susanne Gottberg is a “quiet painter". Her work springs from deep academic knowledge, craft and tradition that allow her to constantly discusses the nature of painting, by investigating and questioning both material and form. Gottberg´s paintings are challenging us with a viewing exercise. She forces us to pause the constant flow of images and to immerse in her works. Her paintings are an invitation to explore a subject matter as well as the artist's gaze, discovering different layers of meaning. Gottberg is a steady voice in a restless world who withstands to fall for trends or short-lived concerns. This makes her work stand out as a balancing counterpart to other positions with the ability to point out art as a means of consistency, artistic research and a possibility to reflect on the world from another perspective.

Susanne Gottberg holds a strong position as a contemporary artist in Finland. She is represented in the collections of i.a. KIASMA, Helsinki City Art Museum and Sara Hildén Art Museum, and in many international collections such as Statens konstråd, Gothenburg Art Museum and Trondheim Art Museum.


"Container", 2018, oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm. Image credits Galerie Forsblom and Susanne Gottberg.