About the gallery

Brigade is a contemporary art gallery that promotes
international contemporary art and seeks to create dialogue and exchange of ideas across a multitude of platforms.

Founded in Copenhagen in 2020, Brigade primarily operates from its gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark and its residency in Havana, Cuba, always seeking out representations and collaborations that expands the perception of what art can be and do.

Because of Brigade's focus on allowing its artists to experiment and expand their practice, the exhibition programme is not easily summarised, but rather constitutes a wide range of fields in dialogue with each other.

Featured artists

Kristian Touborg (DK)


Kristian Touborg

Kristian Touborg’s (b. 1987, Roskilde) multidisciplinary practice centres on assemblage; both in his sourcing of various unconventional materials, and his wide-spanning use of historical, digital, and personal references. Epitomizing a contemporary dualism, Touborg balances on the axis of a traditional painterly practice and the role of a futurist, imagining archaeological structures from a forthcoming society.

Touborg’s hand-sewn canvases are compiled of digitally printed surfaces, various industrially treated materials, and cut-up fabrics, upon which he laboriously paints with rich colour, fluid brushstrokes and luminescent droplets to bring forth dreamlike motifs. Bridging the natural and the technical, Touborg’s paintings allude to a personal narrative, where glimpses of private memories, organic matter and a digital sensibility merge and fade. Surfaces coloured in dusky blues and deep purples; in mother-of-pearl and saturated splashes, Touborg drags the identifiable motifs in the direction of abstraction and creates open fields on the surfaces of the works.

Touborg holds an MA from the Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design (2016). His work has recently been exhibited at Kiaf, Seoul (2022) and Lundgren Gallery, Mallorca (2022), and has been included in several notable public collections, including HEART Museum and Statens Kunstfond. Touborg lives and works in Copenhagen.

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Portrait and studio image Kristian Touborg. Image courtesy of Brigade and the artist.

Kristian Touborg, 'Checking the Weather While the Water Rises' (2022). Image courtesy of Brigade and the artist.

Kristian Touborg, 'Burning' (2022). Image courtesy of Brigade and the artist.