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About the gallery

BORCH Editions was founded in Copenhagen in 1979.

BORCH Edition's Market 2023 participation will feature three first-time collaborators – Idun Baltzersen, Andreas Eriksson, and Jockum Nordström – as well as a new portfolio of photogravures / etchings by Fiona Tan and a large-scale monotype by Per Kirkeby.

Featured artists

Fiona Tan (ID)

Jockum Nordström (SE)

Per Kirkeby (DK)

Idun Baltzersen (NO)

Andreas Eriksson (SE)


Fiona Tan

The six prints of Fiona Tan’s Technicolor Dreaming series are related to her film installation Footsteps, created for her 2022 solo exhibition at the Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. The prints are informed by Tan’s interest in early filmmakers’ obsession with colour, when frames were hand coloured in a lengthy, elaborate process using small brushes and stencils. Unlike in printmaking, perfect registration was not possible. Likewise, in the prints, “the colours have their own life, dancing on top of the image”, as Tan herself puts it.

Fiona Tan, born in 1966 in Pekanbaru, Indonesia, lives and works in Amsterdam. She has been collaborating with BORCH Editions since 2018.


Jockum Nordström

Jockum Nordström creates dense visual narratives in a distinctive and highly recognizable style, combining a feeling of spontaneous improvisation with complex compositions.

Nordström's tableaus often feature a cast of human figures, animals and numerous objects engaged in complex simultaneous interactions. At times these mysterious narratives may appear reminiscent of graphic novels or storyboards for a period film, and his colour palette evokes the melancholy of early photography or vintage illustration. For his first collaboration with BORCHs Edition, Nordström adapts this distinctive style to the medium of printmaking by combining a number of different intaglio printing techniques.

Jockum Nordstöm was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1963 in Stockholm, where he continues to live and work today. He has been collaborating with BORCH Editions since 2022.


Per Kirkeby

Per Kirkeby, one of the major Danish painters and sculptors of his generation, was also a key figure in contemporary printmaking. He worked with BORCH Editions from 1979 until 2017.

It was in Niels Borch Jensen’s studio that Kirkeby first started experimenting with printmaking techniques and colouration and became acquainted with the production of monotypes.

The collaboration lasted for almost four decades, making Kirkeby one of Denmark’s most prolific printmakers ever. Kirkeby’s collaboration with BORCH Editions continued even after he had announced the end of his career as a painter in 2015. In 2016 and 2017, he created a series of multi-coloured monotyopes and monoprints.


Andreas Eriksson

A fundamental fascination with nature and the landscape forms the basis of Andreas Eriksson’s practice. His work is often based on everyday phenomena and the surrounding scenery of his home in Sweden. Risberg, the title of the etching he created with BORCH Editions, refers to Dalarna in central Sweden. The topography of tonalities is inspired by this area and its nature. Most of Dalarna is covered in coniferous forest and large hilly granite terrain. Eriksson has sandblasted the copper plates to creating soft gradients and add a sense of tactile touch to the etching.
Andreas Eriksson, born in 1975 in Björsäter, Sweden, lives and works in Medelplana, Sweden. Eriksson has been collaborating with BORCH Editions since 2021.


Idun Baltzersen

Nordic Design, Idun Baltzersen's series of large, mulit-coloured woodcuts printed on paper, depict interior scenes from her own home, populated by the nuclear family that is herself, her partner and their child. The woodcuts are charged with personal, autobiographical references. The complex, detailed interiors are ruminations on transitional phases in life: the birth of Baltzersen’s first child, the simultaneous move to a new flat and the mutual influences of these two significant events on each other.

Idun Baltzersen, born in 1987 in Trondheim, Norway, lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. She has been collaborating with BORCH Editions since 2023.

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