Since its founding in 1991, Andréhn-Schiptjenko has consistently been committed to working in an international arena.

The gallery works with long-term representation of emerging and established contemporary international artists from all over the world, presenting painting, sculpture, photography and video, as well as installation-based and site-specific work. By expanding the gallery's international scope, to be able to accommodate for collaborative and multidisciplinary projects as well as allowing for a closer relationship with the gallery's international network, Andréhn-Schiptjenko opened a second space in Paris in 2019.

Matts Leiderstam

Since the mid-1990s most of Matts Leiderstam’s research-based work has been ‘made-after’ classical paintings that the artist has appropriated from the context of the art museum. His work often deals with ways of seeing change, seeking out alternative (queer) stories connected to the act of seeing or looking at painting.

In the past years Leiderstam has been working on a series of abstract paintings on poplar panels. His aim is to approach the idea and practice of the grid, and its influence on abstract painting, but also its presence in a culture dominated by screens at a time of planetary-scale computing. At Market Art Fair, the artist will present a series of recent paintings in a display especially designed for the context: a wooden structure that will serve both as storage and viewing instrument for his work.


Installation view Berlin Biennale, 2014. Image credits Andréhn-Schiptjenko and Matts Leiderstam.

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114 47 Stockholm

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10 Rue Sainte-Anastase
75003 Paris

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