Wetterling Gallery was founded in Sweden in 1978 by Björn Wetterling.

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Historically, the gallery played a pivotal role in bringing key artists - such as Robert Rauschenberg, Ed Ruscha, James Rosenquist or Frank Stella, amongst many others - to Sweden. While remaining central, this mission has now been expanded to promoting Swedish artists on the local and international scenes.

Featured artists

Astrid Kruse Jensen DK

Astrid Kruse Jensen

Astrid Kruse Jensen is a celebrated Danish photography-based visual artist. Her practice is characterized by a blurring of boundaries between memory, consciousness, reality, and illusion - an exploration of the concept of memory as a state of consciousness that bridges time and space. The relationship between photography and remembrance is a central driver for the artist, for whom memory acts as a form of shifted reality throughout her entire oeuvre. As such, specificity of time and place dissolves, while the viewer embarks on an open-ended journey. From a technical perspective, Kruse Jensen's innovations question the medium of photography itself, and particularly its reliability in documenting reality.

Astrid Kruse Jensen (b. 1975) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. She studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in the Netherlands and the Glasgow School of Art, U.K. She has been nominated for several prizes, notably the Deutsche Börse Preis in 2014, or Anne Marie Telmányi’s prize for women artists in 2017. Kruse Jensen has had solo exhibitions in Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Iceland and India, as well as several group exhibitions throughout Europe, The United States, Canada and China. Artworks are featured in important private and public collections, including Moderna Museet Stockholm, the George Eastman House, ARoS, The National Collection of Photography, Manchester City Gallery, Vestsjæl-lands Kunstmuseum, Artotheque de Caen, the John Kobal
Foundation, the Danish Arts Foundation.

Astrid Kruse Jensen, 'Traces of Resonance'. Courtesy of the gallery and the artist.

Astrid Kruse Jensen, 'Passage of Time' (2022). Archival fiber print, 82 x 80 cm, Ed. 2 of 5 + AP. Courtesy of the gallery and the artist.

Astrid Kruse Jensen, 'Mirrored Conditions'. Courtesy of the gallery and the artist.

Astrid Kruse Jensen, 'A Sense of Resonance'. Courtesy of the gallery and the artist.

Astrid Kruse Jensen, 'A Sense of Resonance'. Courtesy of the gallery and the artist.

Alexis Soul-Gray

Alexis Soul-Gray’s practice - primarily painting, drawing and printmaking - revolves around a speculative questioning of the memorial, nostalgia, and commemoration, which brings together a conjecture of imagery taken from public archival materials. Soul-Gray begins with a figure – mother, child – from a source which may comprise the sheet on which the image is realised.

realised. Compelled to collect the cheap imagery of idealised family life in the twentieth century, she consumes and appropriates family manuals and photograph albums, knitwear catalogues filled with studio-shots of posing mothers and children unlikely to be related, biscuit-tins and sugar-sweet adverts for the well-run home ripped
from magazines.

These reference materials – where family is often faked but also individually and unpredictably felt –are torn by Soul-Gray, tarnished and defaced, before being transformed. Cut-out girls, removed from their first contexts of smiling family parties and mother’s arms, are held instead by the colour-soaked, tear-streaked work of art. There is violence in this gesture but also, ultimately, infinitely tender loving care.

Alexis Soul-Gray (b. 1980) graduated from the prestigious MA Painting programme at the world-leading Royal College of Art, London, in 2023. She holds an MA from the Royal Drawing School, London (2007) and a BA from the Camberwell College of Art, London (2003).

Alexis Soul-Gray, Artist portrait. Courtesy of the gallery and the artist

Alexis Soul-Gray,' Winter Poncho' (2022). Oil on found paper. Photo Jean Baptiste Beranger

Alexis Soul-Gray, 'Sit and think' (2022). Oil on found paper, 29h x 21 w cm.

Alexis Soul-Gray, 'Two Children and a Chained parrot' (2020). Pen on found paper, 20.50h x 18w cm.

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