Galleri Flach was founded in Stockholm 1999 by James Flach and Eva-Lotta Holm Flach and presents Swedish and international contemporary art with a comprehensive, continuous and multi-faceted exhibition programme.

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Galleri Flach was founded in Stockholm in 1999 and has since then been focusing on a multi-faceted and diverse exhibition program with both emerging and well-established artists from the Nordic countries and internationally. The program includes solo- and thematic exhibitions within the wide field of expressions in contemporary art. In recent years Galleri Flach also works in project-based collaborations with artists, also including a specific focus on non-European artists, mainly in Africa. The intention is to introduce new and emerging artists and to enlarge the connection between artists from different regions.

Featured artists

Niklas Holmgren SE

Niklas Holmgren

Galleri Flach is proud to present a series of new paintings by the artist Niklas Holmgren, entitled "In search of Ghosts". The motifs of the paintings are inspired by the play Spöksonaten (The Ghost Sonata) by August Strindberg, a play that has had great significance for the artist. In preparation for the paintings, the artist returned to a production of Spöksonaten that took place at Dramaten in 2000, directed by Ingmar Bergman and with the actress Elin Klinga in one of the key roles.

Wearing the same dress as back then, Elin Klinga reappears in the foyer of Dramaten with the extensive fabric of the dress sweeping around her. We meet her gaze at the junction between the present and the past. In another painting, we see a young girl beside her horse outside the stable at dusk. Her face is lit up while the shadows are dancing behind.

Niklas Holmgren's painterly expression belongs to a realistic and psychological narrative, focusing on the absolute presence of a specific moment. In this series, he particularly explores the inexorable force of time and the sensation of a ghostly encounter. In all his works, he aims at compressing an entire situation into a concentrated moment through the application of paint, the choice of shapes and how the reflections of the light interact.

Niklas Holmgren is born in 1974 in Lycksele, lives and works in Stockholm. He has a Master in Fine Art from The Royal Academy of Art, Stockholm.

Niklas Holmgren, artist portrait. Courtesy of the gallery and the artist.

Niklas Holmgren, 'In Search of Ghosts II (detail)', (2024). 106 x 70 cm. Courtesy of the gallery and the artist.

Niklas Holmgren, 'In Search of Ghosts I (detail)', (2024). Oil on canvas, 135 x 89 cm. Courtesy of the gallery and the artist. 

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