Björkholmen Gallery was founded in 1991 by Roger Björkholmen

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From its start, the gallery has presented works by international and Swedish established as well as emerging artists, and is committed to long-term representation. The exhibition program focuses on contemporary painting, photography and sculpture. The gallery space is located on the ground floor of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm.

Featured artists

Lisa Lundgren

Lisa Lundgren's paintings are at once direct and enigmatic. The motif's dreamy narrative is presented through the artist's very distinguishable expression. The saturated color scale on the coarse linen canvas enhances a sense of tactility and adds an extra dimension to the works.

The viewer is invited to a hidden scenery through a passage. Lundgrens works are characterized by a visual intimacy that defies interpretation, inspiring the spectator to serenity and contemplation.

Lisa Lundgren. Courtesy of the gallery and the artist.

Lisa Lundgren. Courtesy of the gallery and the artist.

Lisa Lundgren, Portrait of the artist in her studio. Courtesy of the gallery and the artist.

Elisabeth Westerlund

In Elisabeth Westerlund's art one can recognize the drives to restructure and transform, qualities that make her works defy quick interpretation. She uses everyday objects that we all recognize from another context, such as pens, plastic knives, fabric cutouts, glass, building materials or like in her more recent large canvases with cutouts of photographs and added embroidery.

When looking at her work one becomes immediately aware of its structure, sometimes organic and wildly unstructured, but more often precisely calculated.

Björkholmen Gallery

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111 52 Stockholm

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