26 Apr




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Love Lundell’s (b. 1981) collage paintings, drawings and prints unfold in their own world. Dreamlike, mystical and surreal, yet also anchored in the everyday, his evocative scenes draw the viewer in and hold them back simultaneously. Employing a collage technique, Lundell creates his intriguing wonderlands by sampling images from various sources and recontextualising them to suggest a hallucinatory inner reality. He draws on his childhood memories, dreams, books and the internet for inspiration.

Love Lundell is represented at the fair by Wetterling Gallery.

Ylva Ceder (b. 1976) is well known for her detailed paintings of everyday environments and situations. Usually these are places that most people have visited or passed-by, like a movie theater, a hot dog stand or a dentist practice. The world of Ylva Ceder is calm, almost desolate. At the same time, you can always feel the human presence, not necessarily pictured in the works, but represented by objects or light.

Ylva Ceder is represented at the fair by Wetterling Gallery.