Market Art Fair 2019

The 2019 edition of Market Art Fair attracted 6 800+ visitors to the fair, taking place 12 to 14 April at Liljevalchs Konsthall in Stockholm. Represented at the fair were the leading galleries from the Nordic region as well as several international exhibitors. This year’s edition welcomed newly participating galleries, amongst other Gió Marconi (Milan), Anne Mosseri-Marlio (Basel)Galleri Haaken (Oslo) and Avlskarl Gallery (Copenhagen).

The Sculpture Hall including works by Sergej Jensen and VIP Lounge.

 Photo © Jean-Baptiste Béranger

From left to right; i8 Gallery (Reykjavík) showing Ólafur Eliasson and Margrét H. Blöndal, Galerie Nordenhake with works by Samson Kambalu, Galerie Anhava representing Silja Rantanen, in the back STANDARD (OSLO) with Matias Faldbakken and Torbjørn Rødland,
Gió Marconi bringing Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg and Fredrik Værslev, and to the right Galleri Bo Bjerggaard with Per Kirkeby.

 Photo © Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Market Talks including a conversation with Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg (image), represented at the fair by Gió Marconi.

 Photo © Weronika Bela

From left to right: Gallery Steinsland Berliner (Stockholm) with Mason Saltarrelli and Malin Gabriella Nordin, LOYAL (Stockholm) with Jim Thorell, Martin Asbæk (Copenhagen) showing Clare Woods and Eva Koch.

 Photo © Jean-Baptiste Béranger

 Photo © Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Market Art Fair 2018

In 2018 Market returned to the beautiful premises of Liljevalchs Konsthall on Djurgården. For the 13th edition, Market brought together galleries, artists, collectors, art professionals and enthusiasts from the Nordic region and beyond. 6 900 visitors attended Market Art Fair 2018, making it the most visited edition to date.

From left to right: Painting by Zane Lewis, sculpture by Amalie Jakobsen (both Gether Contemporary, DK), painting by Lena Johansson (Andréhn-Schiptjenko, SE), installation by Bella Rune (Galleri Magnus Karlsson, SE)

 Photo © Jean-Baptiste Béranger

35 galleries participated, with 4 exhibitors taking part for the first time, amongst other the Norwegian gallery STANDARD (OSLO). Once again, the gallery presentations consisted of well curated solo- or duo presentations. This edition of the fair marked a first step in also welcoming galleries from outside the Nordic region, with London-based Knight Webb Gallery presenting Swedish artist Anders Knutsson.

The restaurant and meeting place inside the Sculpture Hall at Liljevalchs Konsthall, with a painting by Alvar Gullichsen (Galleria Heino, FI).

 Photo © Jean-Baptiste Béranger

High quality art, focused solo- and duo presentations and Market Talks
resulted in strong sales and an all-time high visitor number. Market additionally arranges an extensive VIP Programme for international collectors and art professionals.

Sculptures by Thomas Campbell and paintings by Richard Colman (both V1 Gallery, DK)


Market Art Fair 2017

The 12th of Market Art Fair opened to the public on Friday 24 March at Färgfabriken in Stockholm. Represented at the fair were 31 of the most prominent galleries from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

From left to right: framed prints by Henrik Strömberg, small sculptures by Yuken Teruya (both Grundemark Nilsson Gallery, SE), in the next booth installations by Frank Stella (Wetterling Gallery, SE)


 Photo © David Head

Market Art Fair’s graphic profile has in 2017 been nominated for “Guldägget” (the Golden Egg Award), a price that is given out by The Swedish Association of Communication Agencies. Our logo and graphic design was developed and produced by Stockholm Design Lab.

From left to right: Henrik Menné and Gudrun Hassle (both Galleri Tom Christoffersen, SE), in the next booth Henry Gunderson and Zoe Barcza (both LOYAL, SE)


 Photo © David Head

 Photo © Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Market Art Fair 2016

The 2016 edition of the fair took place on top of Gallerian, a shopping centre in the heart of Stockholm which was then being built. Twenty-two international exhibitors took part. Amongst them, Belenius/Nordenhake with works by Ilja Karilampi, who was also part of Market Talks 2016.

The talks programme included conversations between Dimen Abdulla and Ilja Karilampi as well as talks by Omar Kholeif, Manilow Senior Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and Manuel Segade, director of CA2M, Madrid, in collaboration with Iaspis.


 Photo © Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Market Projects was a special section at the 2016 fair, initiated by curator Stefanie Hessler. Market Projects takes existing structures of the fair and the city as a starting point to intervene, add and amplify. The projects consist of inter-ventions in the public space such as a newly commissioned performance and sound piece by Sanna Marander and Niklas Tafra, in response to Siri Derkert’s murals at Östermalmstorg.

Sculptures by Shane Bradford (V1 Gallery, DK) and large painting by Anna Tuori (Galerie Anhava, FI)


 Photo © Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Market “Scenery”, created by COS in collaboration with Market Art Fair. The roof terraces on top of Gallerian offered a spectacular view on Stockholm. Visitors could enjoy food and drinks, in and outside a wooden structure aligned with COS aesthetics of functional and timeless design. COS also created a conceptual t-shirt pop-up store, with an edited selection of garments selected by Karin Gustafsson and Martin Andersson, Heads of Design at COS.


Market Art Fair 2015

Taking place for the third time at Liljevalchs Konsthall, especially the grand Sculpture Hall caught attention. The works presented are in the framework of Market Space; for installations that go beyond the regular booth context.

From left to right: colourful installation by Mette Björnberg (Galleri Magnus Karlsson, SE), painting by Meta Isæus-Berlin (Galleri Andersson/Sandström, SE), installation on the wall by Leontine Arvidsson (ANNAELLEGALLERY, SE)


 Photo © Jean-Baptiste Béranger

 Photo © Market Art Fair

Market Art Fair 2013

Market 2013 took for the last time place at the fair’s first location: Konstakademien or the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the centre of Stockholm. In the central Nike-hallen, visitors enjoyed the fair’s champagne bar with the adjacent section, Editions and Multiples. The two participating galleries to this section were Atelje Larsen and Niels Borch Jensen.


 Photo © Market Art Fair

Market XL presents artworks that go beyond the regular booth presentations. In 2013 this included a remarkable presentation with large works by Alyson Shotz (Galleri Andersson/Sandström, SE). The work is titled “The Shape of Space” and explores the overlap between an object and human perception. This same piece was the central part of the eponymous group exhibition at the Guggenheim, New York in 2007.


Market Art Fair 2012

Market is being arranged for the seventh year in row – presenting a strong Nordic profile and 34 exhibitors. In addition to the main fair, Market presented three special sections and a Talks Programme. The additional sections included Market XL, a new section presenting a more extensive solo presentation. Market Emerging included newly established galleries, and Market Editions & Multiples presented two galleries working with high-quality editions and multiples.

Market XL: sculptures by Tal R (Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, DK)


 Photo © Market Art Fair

 Photo © Market Art Fair

Market Art Fair 2011

Market Talks 2011: Altered Playing Field. The Talks Programme in 2011, taking place at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, reflects on collecting and the art field today – as it is shaped by dynamic and perceptual interaction between artists, critics, curators, galleries and collectors. Panel members included amongst other Jonas Gardell, author and performer, Emma Stenström, associate professor at the Stockholm School of Economics and Daniel Birnbaum, director of Moderna Museet in Stockholm (image).


Market Art Fair 2010

For the fifth consecutive year Market brought together more than thirty of the leading galleries in the Nordic countries. This edition of the fair included for the first time an extended programme of seminars. Topics were different aspects of collecting, as well questions around art in the beginning of a new decade. Another focus was art books and magazines. The programme took part the three days of the fair.

From left to right: booths by Galleri Bo Bjerggaard DK, Christian Larsen SE, Gun Gallery SE, Gallery Niklas Belenius SE.


 Photo © Market Art Fair

 Photo © Market Art Fair

Market Art Fair 2006

Market Art Fair takes off! The first edition of the fair took place in 2006 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the centre of Stockholm. The fair was founded by the leading galleries in Sweden, with as main interest and aim to strengthen the Nordic art scene by creating a platform and meeting point for the leading galleries, collectors, curators and art professionals of the Nordic countries. This first edition of Market Art Fair included 30 exhibitors.