Leif Kath & Thørbjorn Lausten

Started in 2010, KANT is owned and directed by Anna Gram Sørensen & Kerry Harm Nielsen. The gallery exhibits and represents both emerging and established artists predominantly from Europe.  Based in Copenhagen the gallery presents 8 to 10 curated solo exhibitions annually.



The French philosopher Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) says, “a science seeking a content which is the original, the authentic, or the basic is a science about to close.”…. Leif Kath´s art is a fine example of Derriad´s description of the postmodernist era´s deconstruction of modernism. At times, modernism may be delicate. At times, post-modernism may be a postulate. But Leif Kath´s art is neither nor. It´s not seeking truth, it may be interested in the rewarding process of investigating the possibilities of a possible existence of truth, but is more occupied with the image of mental agility. The overall impression of the contemplation of Kath´s works is one of being relentlessly on the move. Not a goal, but a being, a being on the move. From one being to another… Kath´s practice spans, drawing, graphics, painting and large scale floor installations in the form of geometrical patterns with tiles.


As one of the first in Scandinavia, Thorbjørn Lausten has been at the forefront in exploring the field between art, science and science technology and he is a pioneer of light installation art in Denmark. Since his debut in the 1960´s he has dedicated his artistic practice to give shape to philosophical concepts and invisible natural science phenomena that are fundamental to our existence and understanding of the world. Lausten´s work spans over writing, drawing, painting, sculpture, light installation and most recently large scale projections, so called data visualisations which are based on realtime seismographic activity in the Greenland underground. These works were presented for the first time in two comprehensive solo exhibitions at the Esbjerg Art Museum & Overgaaden – Copenhagen in 2016. Thorbjørn Lausten´s oeuvre is closely related to minimal constructivism and within his broad conceptual practice there has been a momentum and continuous interest for mathematical principles and geometrical formations.




Leif Kath
Acrylic on canvas


Thorbjørn Lausten
Installation with wire, neon and stainless steel

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