Gether Contemporary (DK)

Amalie Jakobsen & Zane Lewis

Gether Contemporary was founded by Sophus Gether in Copenhagen in 2014. The gallery focuses on young Danish and international artists and organises 7 to 8 exhibition per year. 


Amalie Jakobsen (b. 1989, Denmark) lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin. She graduated from Goldsmiths University of London in 2014 and her oeuvre has been exhibited at Efrain Lopez Gallery in Chicago, US, TwilSharp Gallery in Johannesburg; Breve Gallery, Mexico City and Bosse and Baum in London, UK. Amalie Jakobsen is featured in the 2015 publication Nordic Contemporary, published by Thames & Hudson Ltd. 


Zane Lewis (b. 1981, Texas) studied Fine Arts at SVA in New York City and has the past year showed with The Hole Gallery in New York, and Galerie Eric Hussenot in Paris and Gether Contemporary in Copenhagen. Recent acquisitions include the new Aishti Foundation Museum in Lebanon Beirut.


Amalie Jakobsen
Aluminium and oil


Zane Lewis