Galerie Nordenhake (DE/SE)

Iñaki Bonillas

Galerie Nordenhake was founded 1976 in Malmö, Sweden, and present contemporary art with an international focus. The gallery has exhibition spaces in Berlin and in Stockholm.


Since the late nineties, Iñaki Bonillas (Mexico City, 1981) has established a deep relationship with photography in his work. With a regard for the aesthetics and the conceptual practices of the sixties and seventies, Iñaki Bonillas has been gradually isolating the constituent elements of photography and connecting them with other procedures. In 2003 Bonillas introduced the vast photo archives of his grandfather, J. R. Plaza, into his work. He links elements together that are a priori incompatible: on the one hand a personal, biographical narrative that consists of private anecdotes and emotions, and on the other a quasi-scientific element of compilation, classifying, and archiving.


Iñaki Bonillas
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