Galerie Anhava (FI)

Elina Merenmies

Galerie Anhava focuses on contemporary Finnish and Nordic art with an active role at the international level. The gallery was founded in 1991 and merged with Galerie Artek in 1997. The gallery’s exhibition program encompasses all forms of contemporary visual art, from painting and sculpture to photography, video and installation, with special emphasis on conceptual art.


Elina Merenmies (b. 1967) is both a drawer and a painter. Her works are figurative, but the reality that they depict is a mixture of inner visions and multithreaded stories. As an artist Merenmies occupies the broad terrain between personal expression and detailed precision. She is interested in both art history and a lost everyday life. The gallery of characters and the stories in her works tell us how Merenmies finds the beauty of life in unconventional places and phenomena.


Elina Merenmies

Ascete, 2017-2018

Tempera and oil on canvas