Erik Nordenhake (SE)

Emma Bernhard & Tore Wallert

Erik Nordenhake is a contemporary art gallery based in Stockholm with a focus on emerging artists of international viability.


There is strong symbolism in Emma Bernhard’s series of work with the descriptive title “Failed Geometry.” The large blocks of a mixture of oil and acrylic paint, creating an striking variation of gloss, often resemble imperfect geometrical shapes. The metaphoric of these shapes allude to topics such as heredity and environment, dependency and society, drawing much on Foucault’s thoughts on the matter as well as recent findings in the field of human evolutionary biology. This symbolism of the details is what sets it apart from the tradition of concrete art, which it is certainly inspired from.


Tore Wallert (b. 1985) studied at Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, The Cooper Union, New York City and the Université de la Sorbonne, Paris. He works with video, photography, sculptural collages and installation, creating narratives grounded in his own experience with a surreal twist.

Emma Bernhard


Tore Wallert